About us

Our Story

Starting out as a labor of love in our kitchen, JAMMIN FLAVA has been a dream come true.

 Born and raised in Jamaica,  both the owner and chef have been cooking Authentic Jamaican Cuisine for over four decades. Our spices and sauces are homemade bringing your taste buds a very tantalizing treat, bite  by bite in every meal we prepare. We  ensure that our ingredients meets a high standard of quality that you trust. You can absolutely taste the difference! 

Migrating from our homeland and making America our new home, I've realized that over the years preparing authentic Jamaican food at a professional level had drastically declined. This was sad to say the least, and at this point we knew something had to be done. Starting first as a 'one man show' for eight years, has now developed into a brand. JAMMIN FLAVA HAS  BROUGHT BACK AUTHENTICITY....Quality Jamaican Cuisine, at its FINEST!

Always serving up Authentic Jamaican Cusine

Always serving up Authentic Jamaican Cusine


The Beginning

 The determination to get up and make a difference was inevitable. Thus taking steps to fulfil a dream.


The Process

Life altering decisions were made. The wheel is now in motion. No turning back!


The outcome

The dream is now a reality! After months of planning, developing and organizing, JAMMIN FLAVA will be serving in an area near you!